How Should I Care for Myself As a Caregiver?

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It's really tough for care givers to think about caring for themselves, because one thing that frustrates so many care givers is this idea, that, find time for yourself and most care givers will tell you, listen if somebody is forcing you to go to spend the day at a spa, I would actually get really anxious at the thought of all the work that was piling up, so I think its really key that the care givers in some ways, when they start trying to think about taking care of themselves, they start in their mind, because a lot of this about changing your expectations, you don't need to be perfect, not everything has get done today, some things can wait, the world won't end, ones you change it as mental game, the other things may follow, little things like maybe even ratcheting your bed time forward 15 minutes, working with your family to get those devices turned off during the evening, not making excuses for having to make those shortcuts, whether it's bringing in a take in dinner buying a birthday cake, relying on friends to help you with picking up the kids and stuff.

It's about giving yourself permission, and finally, don't assume that the cure is a one size fits all, a lot of times people say, ah you're burned out, go on vocation. That may not be what works best as for you, you may find that being out of town for a week is actually going to set you back.

Sometimes we think that the strategies for managing burn out have to be way up high, but in fact sometimes really small tweaks each day, whether it's 15 more minutes of bed time, five more minutes with a cup of tea or talking to a girlfriend for 10 minutes, that can sometimes be a game changer in terms of taking care of yourself.